I am a professional application developer who focuses on Microsoft technologies.

My latest work is helping people build state-of-the-art information governance solutions.

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In June 2013, I co-founded RecordLion to help businesses apply polices to all their information, records and files. Our state-of-the-art complete information governance approach is designed to be simple. The simplicity lets you focus on generating competitive advantage, instead of worrying if people are following the policies.

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I spend my time outside of work serving Lindenwood University. I am a strong believer in the value of higher education. Currently, I serve on the board of the Lindenwood Alumni Association. I sit on the Strategic Planning committee, where we're working hard to bring many initiaives to life after reviewing the needs from our latest alumni survey!

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I love many things that occupy what little free time I have; from video games, to photography and books, my interests are varied. I ramble a bit too much on Twitter. I also have a neglected blog on computer programming. I attended the University of Missouri - Columbia and Lindenwood University for my undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

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